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Applicant Management Systems

Online Applicant Management software is changing the way HR functions just as PCs and accounting software revolutionized the way businesses handled financial operations 25 years ago. For over 15 years, CRI has been providing Applicant Management Systems that take applications online and automatically screen candidates for qualifications while maintaining compliance with EEOC and OFCCP requirements.

What is an Applicant Management System

Quality Applicant Management software does far more than simply track applicants. There are many vendors providing applicant tracking systems that collect resumes from postings on job boards and other sources, and some offer the additional ability to minimally screen applicants for qualifications.

For most employers, however, this level of service from an applicant tracking system is inadequate. Since many employers must be EEOC and/or OFCCP compliant, differentiating applicants from job seekers and retaining a record of the differentiation process for every job seeker is critical for compliance. A quality Applicant Management System provides the differentiation process and records the required data for each job seeker/applicant.

Benefits of an AMS

There are two basic reasons for an employer to invest in Applicant Management software:

  1. To collect and maintain the data needed for EEOC and/or OFCCP compliance
  2. To automate the employer's application process yielding greater productivity

Benefits include:

  • Enhancing recruiter productivity by eliminating the need to review applications and resumes to identify candidates who possess the minimum qualifications for a job opening
  • Simplifying the process by which qualified applicant data is submitted to hiring managers
  • Automatically collecting all applicant information at one time including data needed for background verifications, assessments and any employer specific forms
  • Integrating new hire tax credit screening into the application process

    Many new hires are often eligible for tax credits that benefit the employer. With the right Applicant Management software, applicants can be screened for available credits so that an employer can know immediately whether a qualified applicant might generate credits. Once hired, the Applicant Management system then facilitates recovery of the credits. Consider the following example:

      One out of seven entry level and hourly rate new hires qualify for tax credits that average $ 1,300.00 per hire. New hire tax credits represent a one for one dollar reduction in the employer's income tax payable. If the employer makes 700 entry level and hourly new hires in a year, 100 would likely qualify for new hire tax credits at an average of $1,300.00 each. Using this example, the employer would receive $ 130,000.00 in credits.

AMS Savings Calculator

EEOC Compliance and OFCCP Compliance

Employers with 15 or more employees or those with government contracts or providing products/services to another organization with a government contract are required to keep an Applicant Log showing specific data for every job seeker/applicant. The Applicant Log must track the disposition of the job seeker/applicant through each step of the employer's selection process. The employer must be able to provide a hard copy of the Applicant Log in the format required by the EEOC or OFCCP. A quality Applicant Management System provides the functionality necessary for an employer to meet the Applicant Log requirement.

In addition to the Applicant Log, effective Applicant Management software collects and retains the data required for EEO-1 reporting, as well as all applicant information for each job opening and location of the employer in the event of an OFCCP audit. Separately, the AMS should provide the employer with the tools needed to monitor the selection process for possible discrimination.

Compare Systems

If your organization must be EEOC or OFCCP compliant, don't allow yourself to be duped into purchasing an off-the-shelf Applicant Management System that doesn’t meet your needs. There are systems available that provide basic applicant tracking features, but they cannot be tailored to specifically address an employer’s unique recruiting and selection process. The Applicant Logs required by the OFCCP and EEOC must reflect the employer's entire selection process and any Applicant Management software utilized by the employer must capture the exact process in its entirety.

How the CRI Applicant Management System Works

CRI specializes in web-based Applicant Management Systems designed to meet an employer's specific needs. The CRI Applicant Management System provides economy, automation, productivity enhancement and compliance in one tool. The CRI Applicant Management System acts as a data funnel for the employer's selection process:

The CRI Applicant Management System's Funnel of Applicants

The CRI Applicant Management System yields:

  • A more efficient recruiting and selection process
  • Better quality applicants who are productive faster and tend to stay longer
  • Applicant data for required EEO-1 reports
  • Applicant Log in the required format and with all required data
  • Applicant data by job by location as required by OFCCP

Learn More

If you are considering Applicant Management software, you owe it to yourself to contact CRI for a demo of the CRI Applicant Management System. To request a free demo or learn more from an expert thoroughly knowledgeable in EEOC and OFCCP compliance, contact:

Eric Cotter, Sr. Partner
(972) 641-5494, ext. 113